June 30, 2023

Line of Credit Episode 9 with Tim Gurner


In this episode, Adrian Redlich speaks with Tim Gurner, founder and CEO of the Gurner Group (luxury homes, destinations and experiences with a focus on design, wellness and hospitality).

Tim Gurner established Gurner™ in 2013 to take luxury lifestyle and development to the next level. Today, the Gurner Group, a progressive and nimble team, pushes new boundaries and challenges the norm.

Tim Gurner has been extremely passionate about property from an early age. Tim began by learning from industry leaders and this helped set him on the trajectory he enjoys today.

In this episode, Tim and Adrian discuss the benefits of building and maintaining enduring partnerships. They explore the exciting and nascent model of build-to-rent. Tim examines issues facing the Queensland construction industry and the future of fixed price contracts.

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