Our mission, in partnership with our investors, is to continue to deliver consistent returns by providing innovative capital solutions across agriculture, commercial real estate and specialised industrial and infrastructure.

Merricks Capital delivers a differentiated investment offering with extensive investment capability and global experience.

Market dynamics and regulatory changes have seen the major Australian banks materially reduce their exposure, resulting in a void in the lending market.

This void and the resulting lack of loan competition have increased returns from senior lending. These risks are manageable due to the strong structural demand for property and low levels of loan leverage.

The resulting dislocation has created some compelling investment opportunities, and Merricks Capital has been pursuing these senior lending opportunities through the Merricks Capital Partners Fund.

Merricks Capital provides funding for senior secured and first mortgage loans across commercial real estate, agriculture and infrastructure and specialised industrial.

Our focus is on delivering attractive, risk-adjusted returns. We believe in active management, generating better investment outcomes within our funds and managing risk by being hands-on.


Merricks Capital delivers a truly differentiated multi-strategy offering with extensive investment capability and global experience spanning multiple asset classes.


Our Funds



Merricks Capital has a 17-year track record of consistent performance across a range of global investment markets.


Merricks Capital works with carefully selected strategic partners, enhancing our expertise and assisting us in sourcing unique investment opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

Private Credit Opportunity


Merricks Capital has a five-year track record in agricultural credit, and the Merricks Capital Agriculture Credit Fund has a three-year track record.

Our investment strategy focuses on providing capital to the agricultural sector through senior secured, first mortgage, and private credit loans. Our agricultural investment strategy focuses on providing funding that is secured by hard assets. We analyse the value of these hard assets to design a flexible credit solution that works best for the agribusinesses with whom we partner.

We have a strong history in agricultural investments and provide investors with unique access to invest in agriculture. This asset class also provides our broader portfolio with diversification and exposure to one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest sectors.

Our expertise in the sector allows us to provide a unique platform to match our investors’ risk and return appetite.
We focus on building strong strategic partnerships and identifying opportunities across the breadth of the Australian and New Zealand regions.

We invest across the supply chain, from farming production to food processing, storage, and other agricultural infrastructure.
We consider a range of investment criteria, including the quality of the underlying assets with investment metrics such as IRR , term to maturity and conservative loan-to-value.

We consider a range of investment criteria, including the quality of the underlying project, investment metrics such as IRR term to maturity) and conservative loan-to-valuation ratio (LVR), risk factors such as any defined exit strategy and adequate level of presale coverage, and measures of security including the level of equity invested, collateral security or personal guarantees from the sponsor.



Our infrastructure strategy focuses on identifying and delivering  investors access to a diverse range of opportunities across port infrastructure, food processing & packaging and natural resources.

Merricks Capital sources these opportunities through its strategic relationships who hold deep domain expertise in these specific sectors.



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