A proven investment partner,
providing exceptional opportunities

Innovative thinking

Merricks Capital applies an innovative approach to global investment markets and has continually proven its ability to seek and exploit opportunities arising from market dislocation.

We look for the best risk adjusted returns from across the globe.

Unique global experience across multiple cycles and asset classes

Each Merricks Capital investment specialist has more than 20 years of experience, with proven performance across a broad range of global investment markets, including equities, commodities, fixed income, and property markets.

We apply a multi-strategy approach across specialist streams to take advantage of structural and cyclical mispricing.

A long-term view with a flexible and nimble approach  

Merricks Capital is focused on long term performance and partnerships, but its investment strategies adapt with market conditions.

We can move between asset classes and across cycles when appropriate.

Unrivalled platform and trading capability

The Merricks Capital proprietary investment platform uses world-class technology to create market-leading portfolio construction systems and investment structures.

Our platform and specialist trading capabilities provide investors with access to unique and diverse opportunities not widely available

The Merricks Capital Investment Partnership

Merricks Capital has strong, long-term relationships with some of the world’s largest global institutional investors, and has developed strategic alliances with market-leading investment specialists.

We invest alongside our clients and strategic partners, benefiting from our combined strength and sharing a powerful alignment of interests.


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