January 19, 2024

Line of Credit Episode 12 with Andrew Natta


In this episode, Adrian Redlich speaks with Andrew Natta, Managing Director, Port of Onslow, Beadon Creek and Managing Director of KMSB – Kimberley Marine Support Base.

Andrew talks with Adrian about the construction of the Port of Onslow, Beadon Creek and the Kimberley Marine Support Base, both in Western Australia.

Andrew explains how these two ports are unique in that they can receive many different types of goods and often do. The management procedure enables the ports to cope with these varied deliveries.  There is no limitation to what can be received at these ports.

Andrew and Adrian discuss the unique Merricks Capital due diligence process and how the strong partnership with our borrowers reduces the potential opportunity cost that delays could cause. Merricks Capital’s in-person approach means that the process is very efficient.

Andrew Natta has worked in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions for over 25 years. With a background in engineering, he has deep expertise across major infrastructure and resource projects.

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