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Line of Credit Episode 11 with Peter Crinis

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In this episode, Adrian Redlich speaks with Peter Crinis, Chief Commercial Officer at Helloworld Travel Limited.

Peter talks to Adrian about the Melbourne Place Hotel, a unique independent hotel funded by Merricks Capital. The Borrower experienced financial difficulties late last year which resulted in Merricks Capital enforcing its security. As a senior secured lender, Merricks Capital prides itself on being able to step into any project if required, and Peter is part of the team of hotel experts helping deliver Melbourne Place Hotel which is set to launch in June 2024.

With over 30 years’ experience in the hotel and hospitality industry across Australia, Peter is one of Australia’s preeminent senior business leaders in the travel and tourism sector. Peter has overseen the development, operations and market strategy for some of the largest pieces of tourism infrastructure in Australia.

Under Peter’s guidance, Crown Towers Melbourne & Perth have both achieved the coveted Forbes 5 Star rating over consecutive years, and to date continue to set the bar in excellence in accommodation in Australia.

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