July 28, 2023

Line of Credit Episode 10 with Laurence Marshbaum OAM


Merricks Capital is thrilled to support 10×10 Philanthropy by announcing a multi-year funding commitment.

Merricks Capital’s donation will allow 10×10 Philanthropy to identify and conduct due diligence on more early-stage and emerging grassroots SPOs by empowering the next generation of changemakers who will help people in need and relieve their suffering.

In this episode, Adrian Redlich speaks with Laurence Marshbaum OAM, Founder & Chairman of 10×10 Philanthropy and Co-Founder & Executive Portfolio Manager of Community Capital.

Community Capital is a social impact asset management firm that aligns investments in Private Markets with community-based impact outcomes. Community Capital recently raised the $550m Community Capital Credit Fund and will distribute more than $20m of grants to early-stage Australian Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs).

10×10 Philanthropy is a global venture philanthropy movement that’s raised and distributed over $5m to grassroots SPOs across the globe. The movement began in March 2013 and has engaged over 15,000 individual donors, 1500 core volunteers and has supported over 350 early-stage SPOs internationally.

In this episode, Laurence explains to Adrian how these two organisations are making incredibly meaningful impacts for good. Laurence explains his journey from traditional asset management to his side hustle of social impact to creating a global movement that’s raised over $6m, supported over 350 SPOs and connected over 15,000 young professionals.

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