May 26, 2023

Line of Credit Episode Eight with John Meagher


In this episode, Adrian Redlich speaks with John Meagher, founder and Managing Director of Three Sixty° Property Group (a large project development sales agency).

John Meagher is a leader in the residential development industry and has been involved in some of Australia’s most iconic and successful residential developments. He’s responsible for the sale of more than 20,000 residential properties. John is also an active member of the Merricks Capital Real Estate Advisory Board.

The Merricks Capital Real Estate Advisory Board provides specialist advice and acumen on all investments across residential, commercial, retail and industrial construction. John provides expertise drawing on his 25 years’ experience in the residential development industry.

In this episode, John and Adrian discuss how Three Sixty° Property Group pivoted during COVID and the shape of the market today. They discuss the return of offshore buyers, the transitionality of the market and the upward trends in sales velocity particularly in residual stock. John and Adrian look to the future of apartment buildings and discuss their predictions for apartments.

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