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Merricks Capital Agriculture Credit Fund

Investment Objective

Merricks Capital’s private credit investment strategies adapt with market conditions with the agility to move between asset classes and across cycles.

Our proprietary investment platform creates market leading portfolio construction and investment structures. Combined with our specialist trading capabilities we provide investors with access to unique and diverse opportunities across Australia and New Zealand.

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Merricks Capital CEO Adrian Redlich discusses the exciting launch of the Merricks Capital Agriculture Credit Fund to investors.

Merricks Capital has a strong background in the agricultural sector. Our agriculture loans are focused on helping farmers and the agriculture supply chain grow. With limited competition outside the balance sheet of the commercial banks, we consider there to be a significant opportunity to deploy alternative credit and achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns through our asset-backed investment philosophy.”

The Merricks Capital Agriculture Fund invests in hard assets across a range of sectors within the agriculture supply chain, generating 8.9% since inception in June 2021 (annualised, as at 30 June 2022).

  • Dairy
  • Horticulture
  • Protein
  • Cropping
  • Forestry
  • Food Processing
  • Fibre (Cotton)
  • Infrastructure & Supply Chain

Investment Process

Thematic Research

Analysis of the economy and industry trends, covering the most appropriate capital structure and asset selection

Identifying Opportunity

Opportunities are originated from a wide range of sources to establish a pool of potential investments that is diversified across location, type and structure.

Asset Research

Quality of the underlying project. Review investment metrics, levels of security, equity, collateral security, guarantees, loan-to-valuation ratios and exit strategy.

Investment Commitee

Review the Investment and assess the underlying asset values to approve the key terms and conditions of the facility detailed in the term sheet.

Term Sheet Issued

Key terms and conditions of the proposed Investment are issued.

Credit Committee

Review of the risk-adjusted returns of the project, in the context of portfolio asset allocation and asset/finance markets. Involves external advisory committee of industry experts.


Settlement of the Investment

Investment Management

Monthly Fund Report provides performance, changes to the portfolio and an update of the Fund’s investments.

Key Contact for Merricks Capital Agriculture Credit Fund

Paul Thomas

Managing Director, Investment Specialist and New Strategies

Email Paul