Merricks Capital works with carefully selected strategic partners, enhancing our expertise and assisting us in sourcing unique investment opportunities both locally and internationally.

Australian Unity

Merricks Capital and Australian Unity have a unique partnership to originate and manage a $500m portfolio of senior property loans including land subdivision, construction financing and bridging finance.

ACE Farming

Merricks Capital and Ace Farming, founded by Jeremy Bayard, is the largest dairy farming business on mainland Australia with a portfolio of more than 20 dairy farms.


Jagen, a Liberman family office, is an inter-generational investor across multiple asset classes including equities, infrastructure, real estate and venture capital.


Merricks Capital and BE Power bring a consortium of project developers, financiers and utilities infrastructure firms together to deliver over $500 million of renewable energy infrastructure projects.


Merricks Capital and Debuilt, a property consultancy, have a partnership for Debuilt to provide services to Merricks Capital and the wider market in project due diligence, monitoring, development management, risk assessment and project recovery.

Roadnight Capital

Merricks Capital and Roadnight Capital, founded by Richard Davies, have partnered to provide unique investment opportunities to clients. Richard has over 18 years’ financial experience, including the management of the investment portfolio of a branch of the Liberman family.

Southern Cross Farms

Merricks Capital and Southern Cross Farms, a horticultural property management service, jointly manage over $250m of horticultural properties across Australia.


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