Our commodity strategies focus on dislocations in global commodity markets, providing investors with access to unique investments in commodity markets not offered by traditional commodity investment vehicles.

We blend a unique skill set in global physical commodity trade and primary production with institutional grade funds management infrastructure and decades of derivative market experience.

We maintain strong, long-term relationships with participants on both the supply and demand side including agricultural producers, global commodity merchants, food companies, Asian vegetable oil refiners and freight and logistics companies.

Our current strategies include:

Merricks Meat & Livestock Fund

The Merricks Meat and Livestock Fund offers tailored OTC (over-the-counter) hedging products to manage those price risks for industry participants including food manufacturers, importers, traders, restaurant chains and livestock producers.

The North American meat and livestock industry has an inadequate mechanism for transferring risk, leaving participants at risk of adverse price fluctuations. Seasonal patterns also lead to frequent mispricing of the livestock futures curve. The Meat & Livestock Fund offers tailored OTC products to these participants to assist with the management of price risk.

The Merricks Capital commodities team has a long history and involvement in both physical and derivative global commodities markets and leverages this experience and its world class investment infrastructure to manage the Meat & Livestock Fund.

Merricks Capital manages all investment exposures through a robust portfolio construction and risk management process seeking to generate consistent, risk adjusted, long-term returns with a focus on capital preservation


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